When you bring your puppy to your new home, you'll recieve

Answers to your concerning questions

Issued puppy purchase contract (with this you can get pedigree)

Pupper package

If you express a wish, we will help you become a member at our club and participate in activities with your new family member.

When puppies leaves for their new homes they are:

  • 8-9 week old

  • Registred in Latvian Cynological Federation (LKF / FCI)

  • Mikrochipped with European Union passports

  • Checked by vet & our club cynologists

  • Recieved all needed shots up to age

  • Dewormed regulary

  • With LKF buyers/purchase contract

Puppies and dogs from “Laurem Hill” can enter national, international and abroad dog show and competitions such as hunting, water rescue,  obedience and others.

Litter is registred within LKF (Latvijas Kinoloģiskajā Federācijā), which is FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) member.

Puppies parents have done all the nessasary health tests and we also aditionally do genetic testing and get show conformation. 

Our puppies parents are exellent representatives of the breed, healthy, charismatic dogs with good exterrior, big bones and head, massive, thick coat and breed typical – collected, brave, happy, loving and friendly character.

Keep in mind - you will need to reserve your puppy in advance. 

Puppies are chosen at 7 & 8 weeks, which ones suite which family best.