About us

We are retriever enthusiasts and breeders from Latvia. Our kennel is in the Latvian Cynological Federation which is in FCI. Our first retriever was a Golden Retriever girl Mikka, who came into our family in the year 2011. Ever since then retrievers have conquered our hearts.. Our dogs are 100% our family members and we spend all of our time with them. We travel, go on hikes and walks, participate in dog shows, do hunting trainings and many more. Our dogs are socialised with a great retriever like character.


Our mission is to develop the breed, but also to stick to standarts. We are working so our puppies can be the best version of themselves. We invest a lot of work and care into each and every puppy. 

For breeding we use only healthy dogs, with good and charismatic character, who also do well in dog shows and have good retriever abilities. So that the puppies are healthy, social, friendly, loving and beautiful.